“Laura has been the editor of our online magazine, Arctic Drones, since early 2014. Her precise proofreading and editing skills have been a great asset in maintaining the quality and standards for our blog. Laura is professional, efficient, personable and she has sharp eyes. I would recommend her to anyone needing editorial assistance.” –Aytac Denk, Editor-in-Chief of Arctic Drones

“Laura is fantastic at what she does. She has amazing skill as a copyeditor and proofreader. She is a hard worker, a reliable professional.” — Rosa Sophia, www.authorrosasophia.com

“Laura Kemmerer has proven herself to be a highly reliable, hardworking freelancer. As senior editor of Mobile Electronics magazine, I have overseen many freelancers during my tenure, and I would list Laura among the elite. In one case, I needed someone to step in as the primary copy editor for a time due to my regular copy editor having to go on temporary leave. Laura did not miss a beat. She was able to learn on the run, not having spent any time in this industry, but has done a fantastic job and earned a spot as a regular freelancer for the magazine. I would highly recommend her for any position for which  she is applying. Any company would be lucky to have her.” – Ted Goslin, Senior Editor of Mobile Electronics Magazine

“I hired Laura Kemmerer to be an editor for Limitless Publishing, and she’s proven to be a valuable member of our team. She’s thorough and enthusiastic, always willing to help out or accept a new challenge. She is consistent and knowledgeable, with quick, concise communication skills, and works well with a wide variety of authors. I highly recommend Laura, and know you’ll be satisfied with her services.” – Lori Whitwam, Managing Editor of  Limitless Publishing

“As a long-time writer, finishing my first novel is a harrowing task. Is my voice clear? How many grammar faux pas did I make? Does the content feel good enough to submit to the publishing universe? I was nervous when I gave my novel to Laura, and horrified when it came back covered in red markings. I went through meticulously, and her notes, corrections, and questions about the content were all spot-on. As I went through her work, I saw my work get better and clearer. I expanded on places and cleared up muddy word choices.  All in all, she made my work better, and I couldn’t ask anything for more from an editor.” – James Hatton, Author of Trio: An Origin Story

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