Laura Cat Copyediting

Who is Laura Cat?

Laura Cathleen Kemmerer is an editorial consultant with a passion for publishing.  With her Bachelor of Arts in Writing from the University of Pittsburgh, and continuing her WebsiteHeadshoteducation with a Master’s of Professional Studies (M.P.S.) in Publishing at George Washington University, Laura has always been devoted to the written and spoken word.  She has served as Managing Editor on alternative women’s magazine Tattooed Heroine as well as Assistant Editor for award-winning literary magazine Baily’s Beads. She currently resides in a sleepy town in Bucks County, Pennsylvania. Between the chaos of books and writing that is her life and her apartment, Laura enjoys reading about everything pertaining to The Lord of the Rings and Norse mythology.

Through Laura Cat Copyediting, Laura provides dependable, affordable editing services for writers like you. She is skilled in copy and developmental editing, proofreading,  and loves working with both fiction and non-fiction alike.


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